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IT Services & Consultancy

Microsoft Services

AGN COMPUTER Services team has on board a number of Microsoft Industry Experts with extensive experience in implementing innovative MS infrastructure solutions including delivering turnkey advanced infrastructure solutions and complex projects from conceptualization to planning, implementation and operation.
With our consistent focus on achieving the highest possible technical capabilities across our core technologies areas we can deliver technical implementation services at the highest standard available in the industry.
Alpha Data can undertake a full project, engage in any phase of an existing project or assist in controlling already implemented solutions. Any large scale project delivered is following the Microsoft project management framework ensuring the timely delivery of a project and a clear impact analysis of any changes to design, scope and other changes that may surface during the life of a project:

We are offering complete end to end Microsoft solutions including the following:

  • Designing, Planning and implementing MS basic infrastructure
  • Designing, Planning and implementing MS Advanced infrastructure
  • Designing, Planning and implementing MS Complex infrastructure
  • Health check
  • Security assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Portal solutions
  • Web solutions
  • Document management solutions
  • Systems Management
  • Desktop deployment and automation
  • Systems monitoring
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud computing Unified communications
  • Mobility solutions
  • Identity and Security
  • Server platforms
  • Internet solutions
  • Project Management

We are providing high end professional services and 24/7 SLA’s for the following Microsoft Products and technologies:-

  • Core Windows Server 2008 R2 infrastructure solutions including:-
    • Active Directory
    • Domain Name System
    • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • File and Print
    • Windows Software update Services
  • Exchange 2010 (full and complex Messaging Solutions)
  • Systems Center Configuration Manager "SCOM 2007"
  • Systems Center Operation Manager "SCOM 2007"
  • Rights Management
  • MS CRM Dynamics
  • Share Point 2010
  • Office 365
  • Forefront
  • Office 2010
  • .NET Frame work
  • SQL

Cloud Computing Consulting Services

Cloud Computing is a hot buzzword in the IT industry these days, but like many new technology concepts, it's surrounded by confusion and misconceptions that make it difficult to leverage for your business.

Cloud Computing, is a pool of shared hardware and software resources, provided for use in a dynamic and/or on-demand fashion, and in a manner in which the underlining hardware and software is transparent to the end-user. Given this broad and varied definition, it's easy to see how many service offerings exist today that could be classified as Cloud Computing. Examples range from traditional colocation providers offering fully hosted VMware server infrastructure to Linux grid server implementations offering dedicated LAMP stack resources to providers (like Amazon) offering Xen server infrastructure with on-demand *NIX and Windows based virtual instances.

Cloud Computing technology has many unique attributes that make it well suited to achieving certain IT initiatives more effectively than traditional managed infrastructure service offerings:

Cost-effectiveness: Companies are often unable to accurately determine the size and scope of their infrastructure requirements, and they often have requirements that vary in ways that are not always predictable. Cloud Computing can be more cost-effective than traditional IT infrastructure offerings due to lower start-up costs and computing resources that are available 'on-demand'; if effect, you only pay for what you use.

Flexibility: It's not uncommon for a company to have technology requirements that change constantly due to the dynamic nature of their business. Because these changes are not always foreseeable, they often require continual implementation, decommissioning, and re-deployment of IT infrastructure and systems. Cloud Computing can be more flexible, allowing companies to react to changing technology requirements in a way that allows significantly more efficiency in the use of product budget and technical personnel.

Scalability: Many companies have core applications and services that are extremely demanding in terms of computing power. Cloud Computing offerings provide access to very high capacity computing infrastructure that may not be accessible for the business through more 'traditional' implementations due to limitations in budget, facilities, and in-house expertise. So what are some real world examples of where Cloud Computing currently delivers on the value promised by all the media hype? Some of the more common scenarios include:

Replacement for traditional IT infrastructure hosting/outsourcing such as web hosting, managed data centers and colocation facilities: Cloud Computing solution offerings typically have a much lower entry cost than traditional implementations, and they often include the ability to scale up or down in a very granular way while paying only for resources being used. The cost savings associated with this approach can be significant.

Disaster Recovery infrastructure: The implementation of Disaster Recovery (DR) environments on a Cloud Computing platform can provide tremendous cost savings because there is little-to-no cost for unused resources. Since most DR environments are rarely utilized, businesses can achieve a 'hot' disaster recovery infrastructure at minimal cost.

Test and Development environments: Some organizations cannot afford to procure infrastructure for test and development environments that are desirable, and in some cases required for regulatory compliance, to maintain stability in production application testing and deployment. Cloud Computing provides low entry cost, faster setup times, and flexibility of resource allocation for test and development environments.

Content Delivery: Cloud Computing platforms often provide enhancement of, or integration with, content delivery systems. This allows for more cost-efficiency and performance in the delivery of content such as media files, software, and other data sets.

AGN COMPUTER can help you understand Cloud Computing solutions and apply them effectively to deliver real-world solutions to your business. Our consulting services include:

- Requirements analysis of your IT initiatives to determine where Cloud Computing can be appropriately leveraged.
- Identification and Assessment of Cloud Computing service offerings to determine the solution that best aligns with your business requirements.
- Design, Implementation, and Integration of technical solutions that utilize Cloud Computing technology effectively and future-proof your infrastructure and systems.
- Management and Monitoring of solutions based on Cloud Computing technology.

Post Sales Support and Maintenance

Our post-sales installation and support teams consist of 180 professionals who are regularly certified to provide support for key brands including Juniper, Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Bosch and Extreme Networks. Many of our clients request comprehensive maintenance contracts with Alpha Data to ensure that their critical networks (hardware or software) are supported. These contracts range from traditional warranty support, to maintenance during office hours, to 24X7 critical suppor

Annual Maintenance Contract

Maintenance & Support

Maintenace doing

1) Our maintenance team provides a range of options to support your ICT systems. From a simple annual maintenance contract (AMC) for hardware through to 24/7 support for mission critical systems, AGN COMPUTER provides a range of technical support for all your requirements. Alpha can also draw on the experience of a huge team of engineers, each one certified to support the variety of the brands we work with including:

  • HP
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • Aruba
  • Juniper

We also o er extended warranty contracts on a variety of solutions.

Security System look like CCTV, Access door, Attendance System, Barrier Gate, Fire Alarm, Security Alarm,

IT Strategy Consulting

Your search for an IT partner stops here.

Etag helps businesses grow using the latest in Information Technology. Our consultants work with you to evaluate your business requirements, resolve performance issues, forecast future needs and design an effective IT blueprint that will add value, efficiency and support in achieving your organizational goals.

Choose from our focus areas. The advantage is yours.

Networking – the core of any business is a sound and reliable network. Etag provides you with just that.

Applications – Software or hardware, let our expertise work for you.

Call center & Communications – Customer service is our forte, allow us to assist you with setting up an advanced Call center and communications network

IT Policies & Procedures – Our legal experts and IT consultants work together with you to draft infallible IT policies & procedures across all industries.

Risk & Project Management - An effective framework for your processes and project management is critical for the successful implementation of any initiatives taken by your company. We can help control risks and manage critical, complex projects through our customized Risk & Project Management plans.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recover Plans - Your business should be unstoppable just like your ambition. Our continuity and disaster recovery plans are designed to protect and perform.

Backup & Recovery solutions

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Audio & Video Conferencing Systems

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