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Secuity Systems, CCTV, BIOMETRIC SOLUTIONS & DOOR ACCESS Provider, Dubai

We deal in following system security areas

CCTV, Secuirty system

We provide all types of security systems to help businesses as well as homes to secure their property. By investing in surveillance systems you can justify your investment by completely securing your property from burglary and other damages. You can stop worrying about your family’s safety with our home security systems. Our security systems provide detection of any intrusion into an area or building. Some of our security solutions serve single purpose of intrusion detection while some are combination of providing fire and intrusion protection.
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Door Access Control Systems

There are different types of door access control systems available in market as part of security solution. We provide with the one suitable for your requirements. Basic role of door access control system is to keep out anyone who is not supposed to enter the premises. They range from securing a single door via electronic keypad to large networked systems of multiple office areas. Every access control system has an entry device which can be of different types e.g. fingerprint access control, biometric access control system, card access control system, numeric combination access.

Time Attendance Systems

You can track your employees’ activities with time attendance systems. In this way you can monitor whether workers are coming to and leaving from work on time. Further vacation time, lunch time, sick leave can also be tracked down. Instead of manually recording worker timings, these systems automate the process by using card access control system or by biometric time attendance system. Some systems provide with detailed reports as well for employee’s performance. They help in calculating the correct amount to be paid to the labors for their working hours.

Door Audio/Video Intercom Systems

Like in other fields, there has been revolution in this technical domain also. Now different types of door intercom systems are available that we can install for our clients. You can talk to visitor on your front door via your home phone in audio intercom system. Whereas you can also see your visitor on front door in video intercom system. Also you can integrate it with your house or building telephone system to stay connected with every part of it. These days both wired and wireless options are available.

Gate/Parking Barrier Systems

We offer wide variety of parking gates/ barrier systems as part of security solutions. These are installed in residential, commercial and industrial areas where traffic is controlled for privacy and protection. This system can be integrated with your existing access control system as well. Different types of barrier systems are available using different technologies like RFID, card technology or telephone entry systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

We offer fire detection systems and thus install fire alarms in residential and business buildings. It is very important for fire alarm systems to be precise and have reliable sensors. It is very critical decision to choose right fire protection system. Our clients trust us for fire alarm system installations and we make sure they are safe.

CCTV Security Camera Systems

Security systems mostly require CCTV camera to watch and record activities in critical business or residential areas. CCTV camera installation is very cost effective way to monitor and record any theft or damages that could be done to your property. A wide variety of such camera is available and we provide you according to your needs. You can have digital, analogue, video and still CCTV security cameras. We help you in choosing the right solution and keeping your mind in peace.

Wireless IP Camera DVR, Mobile DVR, NVR

Wireless IP camera is used for security and surveillance and it can send and receive information via IP network or internet. Main advantage of this camera is two way communication. You can assist your employees while monitoring their performance. You can login to your account through internet and access your IP camera. It provides clients with more flexibility and they can monitor any specific area, home or office while sitting somewhere else.

Biometric Solutions

We install different types of biometric solutions for our clients. These include fingerprint recognition, face recognition, palm print etc. Depending on the type of access control system you need, specific installations are done. Access provided through biometrics cannot be transferred from one identity to another. Thus it provides unique access. Biometric solutions are very much in demand as important part of security solutions.

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